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Software Delivery Consultant


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Your team can create a maintainable, well-tested React and Redux codebase.

In this intensive 2 day course I teach the best practices for creating React/Redux applications which are easy to understand and easy to maintain.

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why waste your most precious resource - engineer's time - figuring this out from first principles?

Developers who are new to React and Redux will eventually figure out the patterns and practices that lead to testable apps that are easy to extend, and the gotchas that prevent that. But why waste your most precious resource - engineer’s time - figuring this out from first principles - and creating tech debt along the way?

Get your team productive, faster, with this focused, practical training. Participants won’t be learning dry theory. They will get practice the concepts they’re learning along the way in a series of hands-on exercises that cement the ideas into practical techniques and tips.

Gain the benefit of decades of experience

I’ve spent over a decade teaching engineers a practical, pragmatic approach to writing well-tested, maintainable code. I’ve run workshops at conferences around the world teaching agile engineering practices, published articles, and created Open Source libraries that enable test automation.

I’ve also built multiple production applications using React and Redux, honing an approach that enables teams to build high-quality apps fast.

Don’t just take my word for it

Engineers from companies like Slack, GitHub, ThoughtWorks, OpenDoor, and Shipt provide overwhelmingly positive feedback on this course. Some direct quotes from my feedback forms:

It gave me a great kickstart into learning React and Redux.

9.5/10, awesome and worth the price -- it was very useful with practical material and I would attend this all over again.

Great for raising awareness of the react testing ecosystem

Great intro to React and Redux with clutch testing tips.

What’s involved

This course is delivered as a hands-on, practical workshop. There are lots of opportunities for engineers to apply concepts as they are learning them. Understanding is deepened through interactive discussion.

Each workshop is tailored for you. The following schedule gives a sense of what would be involved in a workshop for experienced engineers who are new to React, split over two mornings.


Building your first React component (60 minutes)

Hello, World in React; basic dynamic content; React Components

Interactivity (45 minutes)

Lecture, code walk-throughs, and hands-on exercise: Event Handlers; stateful components and managing state; dev tooling; Presentational components vs. Container components.

React Testing Basics (50 minutes)

Lecture, code walk-throughs, and hands-on exercise: Basics of testing with Jest; Enzyme for component-level tests; mocking and stubbing; integrating into continuous integration


Bigger React Apps (45 minutes)

Lecture, code walk-throughs, and hands-on exercise: Architecture of a bigger React apps; state management; types of automated testing; isolated testing of React components;

Introducing Redux (60 minutes)

Lecture, code walk-throughs, and hands-on exercise: The store and reducers; actions and action creators; testing reducers; connected components;

Asynchronous Actions (45 minutes)

Lecture, code walk-throughs, and hands-on exercise: Asynchronous actions; communicating with APIs; redux-thunk; testing async code

Interested in learning more?

I’m always interested to hear what teams are up to and what challenges they’re facing that I can help with. Get in touch and let’s chat!