Pete Hodgson

Software Delivery Consultant

Stormcloud will watch over the unicorns.

April 3, 2010

Hipster geeks crack me up. A nice ancillary benefit of being in this industry is I get to read blog posts about interesting technical stuff which also include phrases such as:

...we developed a new monitoring script, called Stormcloud, to kill Unicorns when they ran out of control...

...Monit would still monitor the master Unicorn process, but Stormcloud would watch over the Unicorns...

...child death during request processing ... would cause that request and all requests queued in the mongrel to send 500 "robot" errors until the mongrel had been restarted...

No need to fear, children. Stormcloud will watch over the unicorns. And if all else fails, a mongrel will send 500 robot errors.

In case you were wondering, the blog post these come from is about Twitter's app server infrastructure.